whoops tumblr ate the ask but if i’m interacting with people who are abusers you can tell me i know that it is hard to do that like i don’t call out transphobes because of fear of backlash but i promise i’ll be discreet about it

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oh, so you’re gonna talk about interacting with sexual abusers? do you want people to let you know about the sexual abusers in your circle so you can stop interacting with them?

you wanna talk about all the gross shit you’ve done to various underaged girls?

you wanna talk about the time that a 15 year old girl posted a FULLY CLOTHED picture of herself and you thought it would be approrpriate to ask her to show you her ass? which is completely disgusting and not okay on any level? lets post some screenshots of it to refresh your memory



lets talk about the time that you tried to confide in me about your depression over a phone call but went on these really racist erotic fantasies about how you wanted to drink coconuts on a costa rican beach with me? and then started talking to me in spanish for no reason? for the record guys, im latina and its pretty fucking fetishistic for someone to start drunkenly hitting on a latina talking about wanting to go costa rica, because YEAH costa rica is totally your erotic backdrop right? and even though i told you that i had a boyfriend, you continued to insist that i “”liked liked”” you and that you thought i was hot even though you were depressed at the time and the ONLY reason that i called you was because i was worried about you?

thats not manipulative or racist at all

ive heard from TWO OTHER underaged girls that you were extremely inappropriate with them and i’ve also been told by one that you sent her unsolicited nudes. not only this but i know of several times that you’ve been extremely sexually inappropriate and sexually coercive with women particularly. the amount of women and girls that i’ve had contact me and my friends about how disgusting you’ve been towards them has been staggering. please quit acting like you’re innocent.